Damietta is very famous with  many  food products such as different kind of cheese and oriental sweets .

Being a coastal city makes the  seafood one of  the  main dishes in  Damietta cuisine, and have some dishes that are unique in Damietta among other cities in Egypt like  fish, Sayadiya, shrimp kofta and Madfouneh El Hanshan.

One of the dishes is unique in Damietta is stuffed duck or stuffed pigcons (marto). 

It is a duck or pigeon stuffed with a mixture of onions ,spices and raisins .

 It is the main dish for  Damietta a people in Ramadan

Ras ElBar also is famous with Eastern pie which some of them sweet (stuffed with pudding ) and some coms with cheese ,meat and vegetables.

Kebab restaurants are very common  in Damietta and Ras El Bar.

 they serve roasted meat, duck and pigeons , bechamel pasta and stuffed vegetables (mahashi).

 ther are many of Syrian restaurants in Damietta and Ras El Bar, the most famous of which are shawarma, roasted chicken and Syrian appetizers.