The furniture industry in Egypt is very old, since THE pharaonic era, and a lot of them is displayed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, such as chairs, beds and boxes and others. that show how wasvthe accuracy and luxury of this industry since ancient times

But the furniture industry in its modern forms appeared with the entry of the French campaign to Egypt in 1798 AD,
so Damietta benefited from the French workers who came with the campaign in developing this industry in Damietta. and till now, many pieces of furniture and many models (designs) keep the French names  like the canape (sofa) and the commode(side bed table) Louis Salon – Lucans Salon – Epson set all are sofa sets names in damietta.

the furniture industry is the main business for the people in damietta .
Approximately 400,000  work in the furniture industry in Damietta whether they are from the city or outsider
Even many government employees many of them have activities wither industrial or commercial in furniture business.
One of the interesting things in Damietta is that most of the students in the different stages take advantage of the schools or colages summer holidays to work in any sector of the furniture industry, until Damietta became famous as a city (zero unemployment) or (zero unemployment).

There are about 40,000 small  and midium workshops in different  sector of  furniture industry , responsible for producing about 80% of the city’s furniture  production . Damietta produces about 80% of Egypt consumption of the furniture  and the rest of the production goes to external export. Damietta furniture is exported to many countries of the world, including America, Canada, Russia, many European countries and Australia, but the Arab countries remain at the top of the list of countries importing furniture from Damietta. Saudi Arabia represents 30% of the value of furniture exports from Damietta, then the United Arab Emirates 15%, Iraq 12%, then Oman 10%.

Importing timper  in Damietta : The fact that Egypt is not

forests country  necessitated importing  timper  from over sea to fill the gap of the needs  required . Currently, Egypt imports natural wood with a value of 800 million dollars and manufactured MDF wood with a value of 200 million dollars The most important countries from which Egypt imports the  natural wood from . Russia 25% of the total imported natural timber Sweden 20% Finland 15% Also, natural wood is imported from America, Indonesia, Romania and the Balkan countries. The main tember  imported from abroad used in Damietta:1- beech wood

2- Oak-wood

 3-cock wood

4- mahogany wood