The founder had the chance to live and do business outside Egypt since 1996 in import and export business between several countries including Indonesia, Egypt, Thailand, Korea, China and Malaysia was the center of this business
Business experience in China was different from other countries. In China, you find an complete export business system from manufacturing to markting ,shipping and other services.
Thousand of factories can be reached in one huge market like Zhongda fabric market in Guangzhou or Futian market in Yiwu-Zhejiang.
In china while you search at the factories or their show rooms you can ask anything related to the product and easily get the answer .
you can take pictures .mostly they will support you with catalogs even with samples if it’s possible (some where else I saw it by myself at the international fair some factories wrote on the gate ( Entry for buyers only).
chinese don’t say can’t if it comes to custome-made products they give you the coast if you agree they will do it.
Very easy to place you order and do the payment when you receive the goods check it.
All the necessary services you need are available around you and very easy to get ,shipping agents , all standards of hotels with very nice room furnishing and facilities even it was average level of hotels.beside many different restaurants of all nationalities to suit the needs of the visitors. great system make your businesstrip smoth and enjoyable.