Damietta is the capital of Damietta Governorate. Location: Damietta is located in the north of Egypt at the confluence of the Nile River with the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered on the east by Lake Manzala, one of the largest inland lakes in Egypt, separating it from Port Said Governorate, and surrounded by Mansoura Governorate from the south and west

*weather: Average summer temperatures from 17 degrees to 32 degrees 

Average winter temperatures  fom 9 degrees to 23 degrees 

Date: domietta was the gateway to Egypt from  the north in ancient and medieval times 

 in the pharaonicera It was called Tamhit (Thebes of the North) Or Tamit (the country of water) and mentioned from the Torah as Caphtor Since the conquest of Egypt by Alexander in 332 BC, the Greeks called it Tamiats, then the Arabs called it after the Islamic conquest of Damietta. 

* location advantages:

Damietta is located in the Delta region, where there are the most fertile agricultural lands in Egypt, making it one of the most important governorates of Egypt in agricultural production.
Among the most important agricultural crops growm in Damietta are rice, cotton, vegetables, fruits and palms.
Until 2004, 2 million palm trees were grown in Damietta. In this agricultural environment, livestock farms spread till Damietta became famous for the production of various cheese and dairy products and the production and manufacture of the leather Its location on the coast of the mediterranean Sea, the Nile, and Lake Manzala made the fishing one of the main work for the people of Damietta, which has 50% of each fishing fleet.

Industry in Damietta:
beside the furniture industry , which is the main business for the majority of people in domietta , some other industries in Damietta started along time ago dependent on agricultural and animal products in the do, such as the textile industry ,cheese products and leather products.

Manufacture of sailboats and fishing boats

*trading :
Damietta is one of the oldest Egyptian ports since ancient times , which made it Egypt’s marine and it was the trade center for the traders from south of Europe and Levant countries , and now Damietta port is one of the largest ports in Egypt.
25% egypt’s imports and exports done through the port of Damietta.

Photo from Domietta

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