Damietta is 245 km north of Cairo and about 3 hours by car. 

  Book your car to Damietta 

1- you can book a car from one of the limousine companies online, the average prices of limousine companies online from Cairo airport to Damietta city …….. Egyptian pounds 

2-you can book a car also  from one of the limousine companies offices located  at the exit gate at the arrival halls .

the average  prices from limousine companies from Cairo Airport to ||Damietta is…… Egyptian pounds

3- You can use the Uber or Careem app…etc

The average price of an uber car from Cairo Airport to Damietta …….. EGP 

4-You can book your car with one of Damietta rental/limousine campanies listed here

the average car price located in Damietta car rental companies is………Egyptian pounds.