Damietta hotels are based in Ras El Bar,area  which is about 13 km from the city of Damietta



It is the triangle between the Nile River and the mediterranean 

weather:Sea Average summer temperatures 17-30 degrees

the Average winter temperatures 10-23 degrees.


Ras  ElBar was the public resort of Domietta  residents from early time . They take the sailboats in the Nile to Ras ElBar  spend their day and then return back.

 In the year 1865 AD, some notables and rich people started building ” huts” for permanent residence in the summer seasons only, and they built it on  wooden bases surond with mats made from reed plants .

In 1891 , the first hotel was established in Ras El Bar by Mr & Mrs courtel from france and they stablished the first restaurant in Ras ElBar on year later.

In 1902, the state began urban planning for Ras El Bar and developed the first engineering map showing the residental areas with  their numbers, and market places ,and started lights 

the roads with lenterns and operated Nile boats to transport those who wishing to visit Ras ElBar.

Because of the  First and Second World Wars, and the inability of the wealthy and high class in Egypt to travel to Europe in the summer seasons , they turned  to Ras Al-Bar for its calm and simplicity and  its  healthy atmospher which  iodine saturated with very low humidity .

until Ras Elbar became the favorite resort of the aristocracy and the meeting place for politicians,writers and artists and Ras Elbar casinos witnessed many singing stars and  famous theater groups at that time, including the Dean of Arab Theatre, Youssef Bey Wehbe, Ismail Yassin comedy troupe and the monologist  chokoko troupes.

Tourist attractions:


Light house of Ras ElBar and (AL-Lesan)

The Nile street

Al-Rahma mosque

Al-gerbi(nile beaches)